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Is it hard to find high-quality apparel for your Dachshund dogs? Not anymore.

Longobasso brand is specialized in luxury apparel and accessories for Dachshunds.

It is born from the love for our beloved Dachshund dogs: we know their character, their behaviour, habits, flaws and virtues.


Dachshund owners experience fluctuating emotions: wonder of playing, agitation after running in
the field, eyes asking for marvel, an elegant body, an extremely generous heart.

Longobasso wants to protect them, dress them and enhance their posture, making these dogs irresistibly elegant to help them enjoy plenty of adventures together with their parents.

Longobasso offers apparel and accessories for all Dachshund breeds: standard, dwarf, kaninchen, short haired, long or rough haired. Every dog will find the perfect outfit. However, Longobasso is even more. Its mission is to think of the well-being of Dachshund dogs.


Made-in-Italy style. The choice of raw materials, the selection of yarns, the attention to processing
and details ensure a unique and authentic style as well as softness, comfort and protection. The design starts from the shape of Dachshunds and their needs. The pet’s special anatomy, the sensitivity to cold weather and to any temperature variation require a precise and focused attention. That is why we only focus on Dachshunds. Longobasso is born in Lombardy, the manufacturing heart of Italy hosting artisan laboratories with the most skilled workers. The result is an unrivalled quality and beauty, 100% extrafine merino and pure cashmere, made and coloured by the nature, strong and sustainable.


100% merino extrafine wool


100% cashmere wool


Different coats to fight a cold day


in merino extrafine wool

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